DVD Drive Replacement

How to Guide for DVD Drive Replacement: 1. Power down your PC and unplug it from the wall. Remove all cables from the rear of the PC. 2. Remove the screws holding both sides of the case on and carefully slide off the panels. * While it is ideal to use an anti-static strap while working inside the PC case, not many people keep one at home. As an alternative you can touch the frame of the computer while working inside your PC. Static electricity can spell death to a computer and what is worse is that the component suffering from the static discharge may degrade over time giving you intermittent problems that are nearly impossible to pinpoint. 3. Remove the new DVD drive replacement unit from the anti-static bag. * Be sure you save the box, anti-static bag and any cables that came with your DVD drive in case a faulty unit needs to be returned. A rare occurrence but it can happen. 4. Check the jumper settings on the drive to be sure it is set to master. If this is being added as a second drive, you will have to set one as master and one as the slave drive. * The manufacturer's documentation will show how to make this adjustment. A small pair of tweezers can be used to remove the small jumper, located on pins on the rear of the DVD drive replacement unit to the correct position. Most drives are set to master by default. Check for both drives if you installed the drive as a second drive. Hard Drive Removal
5. Locate the drive bay for the DVD drive replacement unit. * You can use any available drive; it may be preferable to use the lowest drive bay available as this will help with the reach of the power and ribbon cables. 6. If you are replacing another DVD drive, remove the screws from both sides of drive on the drive bay that are holding the present drive in place. Slide it out partially, disconnect cables, and slide the drive out completely. * Some cables can be stubborn to pull out. Wiggle each connection back and forth as you pull. Do not yank on the wires or you will be looking for more than a DVD drive replacement unit. Take note of the location of all connections. 7. If you are installing a new drive, use a small screwdriver to pop off the 5.25 inch drive bay cover and bezel on the system unit case. 8. Slide the new drive in partially and connect the data, sound and power cables to the rear of the drive. Slide the DVD drive in completely and screw the drive into the drive bay. * When connecting the cable, carefully grasp the cables by the connectors and not the wires themselves. Carefully but firmly push the connectors into their sockets until you are certain of a good connection. * If you are installing this drive as a second drive and have made this drive the secondary or slave drive, connect the drive to the center connector on the Ribbon cable. The master drive must be at the end.   9. After all cables are connected to the drive and the drive is secured to the case, replace the PC side panels; reconnect all peripherals. 10. Boot up the computer, Windows should detect the new DVD drive and install the device driver if necessary. 11. Click on My Computer to see an icon for your DVD drive replacement unit. Hard Drive Connection
DVD Drive Replacement by PC Apprentice 2009 - 2017 Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.  ~John F. Kennedy Click Image to Enlarge