Wi-Fi Connection

As much as you depend on your Wifi connection it can suddenly drop for what may seem no reason. As much as we like to lay the blame at the feet of our internet providers, it may have nothing to do with them whatsoever. So before you reach for the phone to talk with tech support here are some troubleshooting suggestions for you to try first.

Wi-Fi Connection Cables

You may have already had a working network established in your home. If so start with the more obvious suspects. Start by unplugging the wireless router and pressing the reset button which can be found on the back. Check your manufacturer's documentation for more information on resetting the router. Make sure that you also reset your modem. For both DSL or cable modems this is accomplished by removing the power cord from the modem for a minute then reconnecting it. Check to make sure that the cords to your Wifi router are plugged in correctly. There should be a power cord connected to the router as well as a connection to the modem. Just because it is a wireless router does not mean that it will connect to the modem wirelessly. It may seem obvious but starting here can save time and irritation later.

Reconsider The Distance Of Your WiFi Connection

The distance between the wireless router and the computer may affect the strength of your wifi signal. This can lead to your wifi connection being dropped. Try to find a central location for your wireless router. If you have a weak or sporadic signal try relocating it to various other spots in your home. Use your computer to check the signal strength as you move the router to different areas. When you have a strong signal strength this is the optimal location for your router inside your home network. Signals become weaker as they pass through objects or are reflected by certain surfaces. No matter what range is promised by the router you choose this measurement will be reduced by having to deal with obstacles. If problems persist you can improve the signal range by adding a repeater or a long range antenna.

WiFi Connection Interference

WiFi connection interference is one of the main reasons for signal degradation. Microwaves can block wireless signals as can any other device such as a cordless phone, operating on a 2.4 Ghz frequency that will interfere with your wireless signal. As a rule of thumb, when setting up your network you should position your Wifi connection device between 3 to 6 feet away. Obviously the further away the better.

Changing Channels On A WiFi Connnection Device

It is possible that you are fighting against another Wifi connection in your area. Other networks can block your signal as much as a wireless phone can. If two devices are running on the same channel it can impair your signals strength. Wifi devices in the USA support as many as 11 channels. You can change your signal to another channel and see if you get a signal performance boost to negate your connection problems. To change the channel you will need to open your web browser and type in the IP address into the web browser address bar. Default Router Address in Address Bar The IP address is usually but make sure to read the manufacturer's documentation as it may be different from the example shown. Changing Default Channel in Router Setup Click Image to Enlarge Click on the wireless tab to access the wireless setup options and in this instance the option to change channels is on the basic settings page. You can see by the pull down menu in the example that each channel option changes the frequency by a small amount. Some Wifi connection setup pages will have a check box for choosing the channel automatically. You may have to uncheck this box or options to change the channel will be grayed out. You can change the channel then test the connection on your laptop. Experiment with each one to find which channel gives you the best Wifi connection signal. It's always very important to secure a wireless connection. You can find more information about that here: Secure Wireless Network WiFi Connection by PC Apprentice 2009 - 2017 The Internet is a great way to get on the net. - Senator Bob Dole