Computer Repair Technician Disk Drive Platter Help Button                          When I bought my first computer I wanted to have a sound card installed. I took the                           computer to the local repair shop for a certified technician to install my new card.                          By the time I got the system home I was sitting there wondering how the                          installation could cost more than the new device itself. What could a                          technician possibly know or do to justify having to take my computer to                          them for service or repair. I decided I was going to find out what voodoo had to be performed on my system to make the new card work and with that step I never took mycomputer back for repair again........unless it was a warranty repair and I was not going to be incurring charges. Now that I had found I actually enjoyed "lifting the hood and getting dirty", I decided that it was time for me to delve deeper into the unknown and make it... known. So I embarked on my first computer certification, the CompTIA A+. I wanted to be certified so I knew without a doubt that I actually knew the how and why of computer service and repair. I studied hard for this exam and found that as much as I knew there was a greater amount of information I did not know about or only had an inkling of. So I passed the two exams qualifying me as an A+ Certified Professional I.T. Technician. Well, where do you go from there? With a little research and some friendly advice from professionals working in the I.T. industry I was soon on course to take more certifications. Over the next two years I also became qualified as a CompTIA Network+ Professional and a CompTIA Security+ Professional. Now I've set my sights on Microsoft's certifications and already have my MCTS: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and my MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional. With more study I will reach my present goal of MCSA: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator with one more exam. Obtaining the MCP designation from Microsoft was a major step for me. Being certified by Microsoft helped me to prove that I could tackle repair problems from a software level as well. So why the website? I was standing in the store of a major retailer, buying my wife a new keyboard. As we were waiting for the store attendant to locate the model we were looking for, my wife and I were looking at the service and repair pricelist. It was outrageous! Simple maintenance alone was nearly $100. Then I saw them. There had to be at least ten to fifteen people standing in a line, Pc's under their arms, waiting to check them in for repair or service. I hope this website helps other people to save their hard earned money and maybe learn a little something along the way. Make no mistake though; this website was not done with completely altruistic motives. I also wanted to see if I could do it. So I hope that my experiment will benefit you as much as it benefits me. I can feel good that I've put something worthwhile on the net and you can feel a sense of pride that you can repair your ailing computer yourself. I would also recommend to anyone with an interest in Computers to study for the CompTIA and Microsoft exams. For me it has lead to PC Apprentice. I will keep updating this site as long as people come here to learn how to repair their own computers. I hope you keep coming back to learn how to service your PC and keep it running for quite some time. I hope this background information has shown you a little about me and why PC Apprentice has come to be
"Cryptanalysis is the study of turning other peoples' harmless mistakes into catastrophic errors." Working at Keyboard About Me by PC Apprentice 2009 - 2017

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