To remove toolbars is an easy process and can help to restore your internet screen to a more manageable size. You've been downloading software from the Internet for your computer. While free software can be good it usually comes with the offer to install a toolbar that is included by the vendor or download sponsor. If you do not pay attention during the install process and just click the next button you will be installing more toolbars than you need. This can lead to your browser screen looking like the example below every time you access the Internet. Well it's time to remove search toolbars. Okay, so now you have literally no real estate to view your browser page. It's time to clean up your browser, remove toolbars and reclaim all that screen area that has been sacrificed to the toolbar gods. 1. The first step is to disable the toolbars that you don't need. Log onto your computer and access the Internet using whatever browser you usually use. At the top of the page you will see toolbars. You need to turn them off, which allows them to be uninstalled.
 To do this, right click above the toolbars on the blank space above your address bar, you will then have the option to disable toolbars by clicking any which have a check mark by them. Turn off the toolbars you want to remove by clicking on their names. 2. Uninstalling the Toolbars Now, to remove them, permanently. To accomplish this, click on the start menu, and open the control panel. Now open "add/remove programs". Select uninstall toolbar on the ones you want to remove, and uninstall them one by one. 3. What about toolbars not found in "add/remove programs"? If you want to remove toolbars not displayed on the add/remove programs menu, then search for it using the search panel in the top corner of the control panel screen. Search for the name of the toolbar and access its parent file. From here you can usually manually uninstall the toolbar without affecting the software it came with. Some toolbars won't show up on the add and remove menu as they are installed as part of a program that you downloaded and are included under their name. Too Many Toolbars on Screen Click Image to Enlarge Even though companies add these toolbars to downloaded programs, which if you are careful when installing you can opt out from adding them to your browser, there is a solution. It's your computer, your internet browser and you can customize it as you see fit. So it's also your choice, if you don't need them or want them to say no and remove toolbars.
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