Install Sound Card

Whether you decided to upgrade the audio on your computer or you are forced to because the integrated sound on your motherboard has fried it is a simple process to install a new sound card. How to install sound card: 1. Make sure that the PC is turned off and the power cord is removed. 2. Remove screws from the back of the left hand side panel and slide panel free. * Check documentation from your PC manufacturer as this operation may be different from the process specified in your manual.
3. Locate the old card and unplug the speakers and anything else plugged into the card from the outside. * You can skip to step 7 if your sound is integrated into the motherboard. This means that there is no sound card seated in a slot on the motherboard. Another indicator is that the speaker/headphone jack plugs right into the motherboard. 4. Disconnect the CD-ROM sound cable from the jack on the old sound card itself.  * Some computers may not have this cable.  * Release any clip holding the cable in the jack, don't force it free. 5. Unscrew the card from the frame. Sound Card Installed Click Image to Enlarge 6. Remove the card from the slot on the motherboard by pulling it straight out.  * You may have to wiggle the card back and forth to pull it out. Be careful not to use too much force as this may cause damage to the motherboard. Removing Blanking Plate (Slot Cover) 7. Install sound card in the same slot. * For users upgrading from integrated sound you will have to remove a slot cover next to the slot that the sound card will be inserted into. Save the screw holding the cover in place. 8. Attach the cable that came with the card to the CD-ROM drive. 9. Screw the sound card to the computer frame, but do not over tighten. 10.  Close the computer case. 11. Connect the speakers and all other peripheral cables.
12. Plug your computer in and power it up. Your computer should recognize the new card.  * The Windows O/S should automatically install the necessary audio drivers.  * If your sound card came with a CD-ROM, insert it while the computer powers up. The disk should install sound card drivers from it. * Always read the documentation that comes with a new device. Some vendors have a specific sequence to follow for installation of their product. The new card should work just fine now. You can go to control panel > sounds, to check that it is operational. Easy, quick steps to install sound card. Install Sound Card by PC Apprentice 2009 - 2017 “The Internet?  We are not interested in it.” – Bill Gates, 1993