Adding Windows 7 Users

When a computer is to be accessible to more than one user it is beneficial to set up an account for each individual. This helps to protect the users' privacy and files. Adding Windows 7 users is an easy process. Certainly no-one except the administrator should have access to the administrator's account or password but this holds true for everyone else as well, no matter what their permissions are. Initially, only an administrator has the permissions to make changes to the computer that can affect other users. At the discretion of the administrator other users can be given permissions to add programs and make changes to how the computer operates.
To add additional users, go to the control panel and click on Add or remove user accounts. User Account Category in Control Panel Click Image to Enlarge Notice the blue and yellow shield by the side of Add or remove user account. This means that this operation can only be completed by someone who has access to the administrator account. If someone tries to perform an operation for which their account does not have permission, they will be prompted for the administrator's password credentials. Adding Windows 7 users can only be completed by someone with Administrator credentials. On this next screen click on Create a new account. There is no blue and yellow shield here because credentials were verified at the previous operation. User Account Setup Screen
Enter a name for this new account and choose the type of account for this user. It is advisable to only have one active administrator account. It will save conflict and having changes made to the system. Choosing User Account Type Click Image to Enlarge Now that the account has been created it will randomly designate a picture to associate with the user. This can be changed by returning to the Manage Accounts window. When adding Windows 7 users no password is set for this account, you can return to the Manage account screen and select the new account and select the Create a password option. Path Showing User Accounts If you notice the breadcrumb type trail at the top of the window (as shown in the picture above) you can click on any step to be returned to that window. Note: When adding Windows 7 users it is advisable to also make a standard user account for the administrator. This can prevent security issues from arising. Even with a standard account the administrator will still be able to make any changes that he or she sees fit, as they will be prompted for their administrator password to make the change. There is no need to go back and forth between the two accounts.
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